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We have identified novel molecular subtypes in colon cancer with distinctbiological and clinical behavior that are established from the initiation ofthe tumor.

Tumor microenvironment is important for the classification andfor the malignant power of the tumor.

Las fuentes indicaron que se encuentran en pláticas "muy amistosas y en los mejores términos” con cada uno de los periodistas para realizar nuevos proyectos en la televisora.

Colon cancer patients with the same stage show diverse clinical behavior dueto tumor heterogeneity.

The former parameters are the class-conditional means and the average within-class covariance matrix, which are the parameters of interest in linear discriminant analysis.

The constraints lead to a reduction in variability of the label-dependent estimates, resulting in a potential improvement of the semi-supervised linear discriminant over that of its regular supervised counterpart.

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Las fuentes indicaron que el tema tiene un fondo comercial, pues a pesar que los programas tuvieron la aceptación del público; sin embargo su venta no pudo cubrir el costo de la producción.

Differential gene sets and biologicalpathways characterize each tumor subtype reflecting underlying mechanisms ofcarcinogenesis that may be used for the selection of targeted therapeuticprocedures.

This classification may contribute to an improvement in themanagement of the patients with CRC and to a more comprehensiveprognosis.

Surgery is curative for abig proportion of patients at early stages, but is not enough for many patients atadvanced stages.

Most of these patients need adjuvant chemotherapy in order to avoidrelapse or to increase survival.We state upfront that some of the key insights in this contribution have been published previously in a workshop paper by the first author.