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12-Mar-2014 22:15

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Actually try to get to know him more, but more importantly, try to make him interested in you by getting him to know you better.Just don’t act needy and the best way to do that is to imagine that you haven’t slept with each other yet.Also, if you see he’s distancing himself from you because he may see through what you’re doing, then use sex to your advantage and give him a taste of some sexual contact, but don’t deliver completely.Labelling it as being in a relationship isn’t essential to actually being in a relationship.Remember, once you’ve slept with the fuck buddy, there is no need to go on dates of any kind except to the bedroom.Prior to becoming fuck buddies, it’s alright to go on dates, because many times you may like to get to know the person before ever sleeping with them.

Nonetheless, if you think all of this isn’t worth it and this guy isn’t someone you want to waste energy on, then as I said in the beginning, you can continue being his fuck-buddy, or you can just forget about him completely by telling him that what he’s offering (just sex) isn’t enough to satisfy you and you don’t think you should continue doing it.

Try to make yourself seem mysterious and fascinating, not for your looks or sex appeal, but for your personality, ability to be humorous, and general knowledge. Who they sleep with don’t have to be bright, but in order to date a man you should be able to talk about something that is interesting to him.