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07-Nov-2015 00:02

Click here to learn how to embrace the concept of being cool and letting a man choose you without pressure.It may not be easy, but for my wife, I’d like to think there are some great rewards…We would spend 2 years together (not worrying about future or marriage) and then break up if we got sick of each other or fell out of love.So, at this age, how soon is it okay to have a talk about what we want in life… What if a guy that is amazing says he is unsure he wants kids and I know I want them? If a guy in his mid 30’s thinks it is ok to date for 2 years and see if it is right, then my instinct is to let him go.We are all in the same age range and try to live by the “rules” of not bringing up marriage and kids and future goals or when we want those things.But shouldn’t we talk about that early on, in order to know we are on the same page? Now that you’ve been privy to this woman’s pain, insecurity, fear and longing, would YOU want to date her?

But, like an employee who has to grin and bear it when he’s got to work overtime, you have to figure out a way to smile, breathe deeply, and not get overwhelmed by your feelings. Another close male friend just married a 40-year-old woman, after two years of co-habitation. If anything, I was the one who felt the need to rush and make decisions quickly, because I want to have kids and didn’t want to waste her time. So as much as you think you’re saving time by putting all your cards out on the table right away, you’re actually sabotaging yourself.Your friend, Evan Hi Evan, I agree that it’s better to relax than reveal any desperation. I asked him for an answer to the future and was willing to walk away to find a man who knew what he wanted which hopefully was me. We decided to take two weeks to think about things.