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22-Jun-2014 04:34

Since 1951, when the last women's survey had taken place, the average weight for women had gone up from 62 to 65 kg.

but the ultimate form of the data generated by all modern technologies is either a 2D image or a 2D image time series of the pressures acting under the plantar surface of the foot.

Size UK showed that the nation had become taller and heavier but not as much as expected.

Due to methodological and practical problems, its measurement is also subject to considerable error in statistical sampling.

The average height in genetically and environmentally homogeneous populations is often proportional across a large number of individuals.

Human populations exhibit climatic variation patterns similar to those of other large-bodied mammals, following Bergmann's rule, which states that individuals in cold climates will tend to be larger than ones in warm climates, and Allen's rule, which states that individuals in cold climates will tend to have shorter, stubbier limbs than those in warm climates.

On a micro evolutionary level anthropologists use anthropometric variation to reconstruct small-scale population history.

the rise in obesity), and require regular updating of anthropometric data collections.

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