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A strong effort will be made among the Republicans to secure its passage; we think, however, it will fail. Arrested for "loud talking" on a public street, Smith and an accomplice were moving through the building when he and an officer had an altercation, and he struck out.The farce certainly cannot be enacted if the Democrats do their duty." - From an 1859 Daily Nebraskian newspaper. The officer struck back at Smith, who fell against a bench and later died.If you must ride, protest by using 18 pennies." Focusing on ending the Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Company's policy of not hiring black drivers, the boycott was successful.Picketing and other protests are held at Peony Park after the amusement park refuses to allow black athletes to participate in a regional swim meet.

According to several prominent Omaha historians, racial discrimination was a significant issue in Omaha from the 1950s through the 2000s (decade).

The Omaha Human Rights Commission is created, holding a rally of more than 10,000 people later in the year.

However, organizations such as 4CL were suspicious that the Commission, led by Omaha's mayor, was a stalling tactic.

On August 17 an Omaha police officer is killed when an explosive blows up in an abandoned house in North Omaha.

August 28 an African-American man named Duane Peak is arrested, and he implicates six others.

A grand jury indicts the officer for manslaughter, then the judgment was thrown out for jury misconduct.