American women dating egyptian men

03-May-2015 00:59

Different social circles have different customs; that's no different in Egypt.The upper-class females are dressed in brand clothes, style their hair for everyone to see and party every weekend — casual encounters with men included.Although reform is happening to favor women in family law more and more, a lot is missing from making Egyptian marriages equal.There are few to no females in Egyptian leadership roles.Whether it's the Quran or society itself, Egyptian women either don't have the chance to be ambitious or simply don't want to.A high school teacher from the rural Bahariya desert tells me all of his efforts to encourage his female students to dream big were shot down.Women wearing head scarves because they feel a necessity to protect themselves from unruly male behavior is a problem.

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But it's not the reality of being a 20-something in search for a purpose in life, or the horrific dating landscape, that dominates my life.

The upper class, however, is a tiny fraction of the population. Another social class is exposed on the Cairo metro, where two “female-only” compartments protect already heavily dressed women with head scarfs from the stares of men. Nobody in Egypt is required to wear a head scarf, yet the number circulating in society is that 90 percent do so.

On the Cairo metro, the daily mode of transportation for over 4 million Egyptians, the number is much higher.

It is out of both a genuine concern, and curiousity, that I request ladies who have married/are married to Egyptians, to state if they are happily married and if so, make mention of their husbands qualities which play a major role in this outcome.

Same goes for the ones whose experiences have been ugly or sour.Peace, I pray to God that this post is only the beginning of good things to come to make the sacred institution of marriage one of tranquility and joy ameen.