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Later in the season, the study group finds out that Britta and Jeff had been hooking up in secret throughout the year, and both of them then realize they have no interest in continuing to hook up.

Jeff and Annie both wrestle with their romantic impulses towards each other for much of Season 3.

In the pilot, Jeff forms and joins the study group because he is attracted to his classmate Britta, whom he tries (and fails) to seduce.

However, by the end of the pilot episode, he is kicked out of the group before being asked to join back in.

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(Front row, left to right) Joel Mc Hale as Jeff Winger and Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry. This season introduced Jonathan Banks as Buzz Hickey, the return of John Oliver as Ian Duncan, and included the departure of Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne (not pictured), and Donald Glover as Troy Barnes. This season introduced Paget Brewster as Francesca "Frankie" Dart and Keith David as Elroy Patashnik, and included the departure of Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett (not pictured), Jonathan Banks as Buzz Hickey (not pictured), and John Oliver as Ian Duncan (not pictured).

Since 1963, American Atheists has protected the absolute separation of religion from government and raised the profile of atheists and atheism in our nation’s public and political discourse. Millions of people who no longer believe stay in their churches because of the community and support the churches provide.