Auto updating minecraft client

08-Jul-2015 22:30

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If you do not choose to use the new profile option, once you update you can't revert back without redownloading the Mod Pack, and selecting the older version from the "Versions" tab.

This will create a new Profile for you, which will not include your current worlds.

Updating is highly recommended from older versions, and is 100% compatible with all 1.8 versions.

Updating Minecraft for Play Station or XBox Updating Minecraft for Windows or Mac Updating Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)Community Q&A Minecraft is supposed to update automatically, but bugs sometimes prevent the update from installing correctly.

Then, head over to the upper right corner of your addons page and click on on the cogwheel. Note: You will need to set up Addon Settings separately for each Game Profile.

In the GAME SPECIFIC tab, make sure you are in the correct Game profile in the YOUR GAMES section.

Usually, downloading the official Minecraft launcher again is enough to fix this.

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If we could have a minute or three of your time answering some questions, that would be great.

So you want to make sure you have your addons up to date when you go to log in to World of Warcraft, but you don't want to check to see if there are any addons to be updated. This will be under the Discovery icon, and if you have Minecraft, directly under that.

This is a Curse Premium only feature Click on the World of Warcraft icon on the left bar.

When the update begins you will get a popup with some details about the update.

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You can choose which update you would like to update to as well. This will create a new profile for the updated version.

If you don't want Curse to auto update your addons, then make sure it's toggled to red.

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