Baina beach near murmagao prostitution

03-Jan-2015 17:26

Many Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) have left the area. Act and cases have been booked against the CSWs and Gharvalis.

It is then pointed out that the structures occupied by these CSWs, comprise of wooden structures, divided into various compartments and some of them are of bricks. It is also pointed out that the place has become a breeding ground for crimes.

The order notes that the people staying therein have no complaints against them and they should be treated humanely and if they have to leave the place, the state should provide reasonable alternate accommodation.

Commission noted that some of them have school going children.

It is on account of this that allegations are being made against the police.

In view of the steps taken the number of visitors have declined and this has affected the large scale business carried on by the bar owners/restaurant owners, etc.

It is pointed out that there are seven Non-Governmental Organizations which have vowed to eliminate the red light area from Baina on the ground that it poses health hazards and was becoming a breeding ground for crime.

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It is pointed out that there are no proper facilities, including medical care facilities and, therefore, it is necessary to take steps so as to treat the women involved in the flesh trade to leave with human dignity and see to it that their children are rehabilitated and do not fall into the same trade and for that purpose to take steps to counselling, cajoling and coercion.A Committee was constituted to be headed by Justice G. Kamat (Retired), former Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court. Civil Application No.206/97, was a communication addressed by 11 ladies, to the Court who were residents of Baina and other parts of Vasco-da-Gama complaining of various sufferings they had to face due to prostitution being carried out in the area.