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Each major city and center food production would be linked with a pipeline, and the cities would also have their own internal pipelines to get the food to various different neighborhoods.The food would sail along in small capsules at upwards of 60 miles per hour.Many traditional politicians and food bosses are oil-junkies, dedicated to keeping things as they are—whatever the social costs.[However] the business operation is likely to be highly profitable and the transport savings to supermarkets and others will be immediate and significant.” One thing I’m not sure they’ve considered is what to do with all those suddenly unemployed truck drivers—I’m guessing there aren’t 200,000 available jobs for pipeline technicians—but that seems more like a detail to figure out than something that invalidates the whole idea." says Roger Miles, managing director of Mole Systems, the company behind the idea."We know it's much more energy efficient than using a truck and wagon and the operating costs are lower.Cum get some, with thousands of horny chocolate divas and top heavy honeys ready to ride your dick in the sexiest black fantasy sessions ever.

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They claim rights to profit from dominating our roads, shaking our buildings and polluting our air.It’s straight out of 1950s science fiction: an entire country connected by food-transporting pipelines, sending baked beans and smoked kippers sailing between London and Liverpool at 60 miles per hour.And it’s arguably more sensible than what we’re already doing.Mole Systems is working with the DHL logistics company on the project as well as several universities.

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The Northampton study is due to be completed by the end of the year.In the United Kingdom, 8 percent of all carbon dioxide mixed into the atmosphere comes from the diesel gas used to move around food trucks.

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