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26-Mar-2015 02:02

Japan and South Korea announced on Monday that they'd reached an historic agreement over Japan's use of Korean "comfort women" during World War II.From 1932 to 1945, the Japanese military forced tens of thousands of women and girls, many of them Korean, into sexual slavery as "comfort women." Under Monday's agreement, Japan will formally apologize and offer symbolic compensation payments to the remaining survivors.It's about Japan's evolving national identity and the fascist history it has never quite fully confronted, about liberalizing social norms in Korea that finally allowed survivors to come forward, and about negotiating what kind of place Japan and Korea will have in 21st-century Asia.Still, the "comfort women" are not just symbolic figures and this isn't just about present-day politics.Each girl was assigned one small room with a straw bag to sleep on, with a number on each door.

I was taken to the railway station in a Japanese truck where 20 or so other Korean girls were already waiting.A Japanese garrison soldier surprised me there and took me away, so that my parents never knew what had happened to their daughter.I was taken to the police station in a truck, where I was raped by several policemen.Of the two girls with me, only Kuk Hae and I survived.

A 50-year-old man who lived in the mountains found us, gave us clothes and something to eat.These women, it is easy to forget, have endured, in their lifetimes, crimes so terrible and violent that they are difficult to fathom.