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You can join in with others who are already online, invite friends, create your own private sex chat rooms, enjoy the adult emoticons that we offer, and more.No registration is required to use our original, flash / java (OC) free text chat system.Seeing and hearing what happens on a daily basis opened my eyes and made me realize that this was no different than most other fraternities.It was easy to focus on the positive things when I was only around for the parties, brotherhood retreats, and community service events, but those were superficial.But the prevalence of less savory behavior overshadows the good, and fraternities shouldn’t be cast in a positive light until they take more proactive steps toward eliminating the ugliness than saying, “Yeah, but look at this nice thing we did over here.” If you're truly concerned about the disadvantages everyone who isn't a white male faces, you shouldn’t join a fraternity.Once a brother asked me at lunch if I was ever going to write about how horrible fraternities are. Here are 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Join a Fraternity, From a Fraternity Alum.No one faces repercussions for dropping the n-word or calling women sluts.Sure, someone might speak up about it, like I’ve tried to, but they’ll be written off as a "liberal pussy." Living in this oppressive environment made me regret ever becoming a part of it and sent me into the worst bout of depression of my life.

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I thought we were different and resented the stereotyping of all fraternities, down to the use of the word “frat.” Then I moved into the house and surrounded myself with more than 80 of my brothers for the duration of my senior year.

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