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The copypasta is in the style of an Engrish rant on American culture by a butthurt Korean.

Considered very lolworthy during the time, 'pig disgusting' soon supplanted plain old "disgusting" as an even more graphic way of saying something is shit awful.

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Japanese fan boards have a similar estrangement with "the third dimension" but 3DPD is not one of their memes.

The assumption that Anonymous has a hate for "3d Trash" has occasionally been turned on its head, and instead used to rationalize that many of the things otaku find interesting or sexy which could be seen as objectionable in a real context are never actually sought out in real life. I'M A GEORGE ZIMMER, FOUNDER AND CEO OF THE MENS WEARHOUSE SON OF A BITCH TROLL TROLL IS PIG DO YOU WANT A LONG WINDED TALE OF DEBAUCHERY? TROLL IS PIG DISGUSTING ASHLEE SIMPSON IS A MURDERER FUCKING TROLLI'M A CODER SON OF A BITCH SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE IS PIG DO YOU WANT A SIEMEN'S FOUR VIEWS?

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