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However, most children with these conditions have varying degrees of incomplete labioscrotal fusion, resulting in hypospadias and genital ambiguity.

By definition, microphallus is an exclusively male condition.

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Penile growth is essentially linear during mid-to-late gestation.

Tuladhar et al (1998) reported the following formula to describe the relationship between penile length and gestational age for infants born at 24-36 weeks gestation: Penile length in centimeters = -2.27 0.16 X (gestational age in weeks) Although micropenis can be considered a form of ambiguous genitalia, the presence of a normal scrotum and palpable testes indicates a high probability of a normal male karyotype.

Growth hormone also plays a role in penis growth as micropenis has been observed in children with isolated growth hormone deficiency.

Micropenis may be caused by a defect anywhere along the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, a defect in peripheral androgen action, isolated growth hormone deficiency, a primary structural anomaly, or may be part of a genetic syndrome.Failure of adequate testosterone production toward the end of gestation due to a primary testicular disorder can also result in inadequate penis growth.