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22-Mar-2014 13:38

After all, test results obtained by careful application of the scientific method are really tough to dispute.And the 1988 tests seemed to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Shroud was a forgery.They believe that neutron radiation caused by an earthquake could have induced the image of a crucified man – which many people believe to be that of Jesus – onto the length of linen cloth, and caused carbon-14 dating done on it in 1988 to be wrong.

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In the process, neutrons are produced without gamma emissions.

The carbon dating test results present problems for religious people who wanted to believe the scourged and crucified man had been Jesus.

The Shroud of Turin simply couldn’t be authentic unless multiple independent tests somehow produced erroneous results.

They all concluded the alleged fake shroud was supposedly manufactured sometime between 12 AD, ostensibly for no other reason than to fool a lot of people and legitimize belief in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Interestingly, the STURP experiments produced a puzzling mix of results.

Ray Rogers, one of the lead research scientists involved with STURP, became furious when he found out the integrity of his work product had been challenged by amateurs in a published, peer-reviewed paper.

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