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24-Apr-2014 23:13

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(I watched as my brother-in-law refused to introduce girlfriends to his parents after they became particularly attached to a girl he broke up with to the point that they insisted this girl be invited to our wedding.He continued in that relationship long after it was essentially over because he didn’t want to hear his mother’s questions.) If someone chooses to date casually, they should remember limits on casual behaviors.3) One of the chief reasons for marriage is children.And children should be able to see the love of one parent for another.Women need to ask themselves whether the man is capable of love, or whether he is a slave to lust.Many women, including Catholic women, don’t even imagine that a Catholic man could struggle with lust, but the numbers indicate that they should be expecting it.Not just prayer with the prospective partner, but prayers of discernment and guidance on the part of ourselves.We should include our families, but, parents especially, families should not put undue pressures on a couple.

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Now, obviously there are cultures that still practice arranged marriages and many have much success, but, if one grows up in that culture with that expectation, than the likelihood of success is much greater. I also believe that prayer should be a healthy part of any Catholic dating.

has brought courting and courtship to the forefront of culture and many less fundamentalist Protestants and many Catholics are singing the praises. Well, essentially it boils down to seriously dating only one person, someone you intend to marry.

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