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necessary for the Corporation to be hereby created forthwith to borrow sums not exceeding in the whole 250,000? XIII I Philosophical Instruments, and Processes depending upon their use, XIV. We have specia Uy to thank him fior the fall and instructive catalogue of the Indian collection, a work which will be ^ Mt dear Dr. Now that the Colonial Depaitment of the International Exhibition is ray nemriy^ complete, I most expreia to jon, first, mj thanks for the tronhle joa took in shofvin^ ne the Tarioos productions, and, next, my extreme admiration of the spirited and soe ccaafu l pimnf Mr in which the Colonies, with scarcdj an exception, have responded to the inritatioii of the Commissioners to send specimens of their natural products and their industry ftnr tiie infonnation, and, I maj well add, the instruction of the Nations of Europe. In other schools only the works of li\nng or of lately deceased artists admitted. ., and that the Governor and Company of the Bank of England or other persons will be willing to advance that sum on having the repayment thereof secured by the covenant of the Corporation, to be hereby created, and by the covenant of a sufficient number of other persons : And whereas it hath been further represented to Us, that with a view of for- warding the undertaking many of Our loving subjects are willing to enter into proper covenants to ei Sect such purpose, the covenants to be so framed as in the event of any pajrment being made thereunder, as far as practicable to subject the oonvenantors to bear such payment rateably, according to the amounts by them subscribed, but not exceeding in each case the amount of the sub Bcripiijs OS they may think fit to be Commisaionei-s in lieu of any one or morts of them who may die or desire to be disdiarged from or become incapable to act in the execution of the office of Commissioner before the duties of such office ihall be fally performed* And We will and ordain that such appointment of a Commissioner or Commlesionei's shall Ije made by a resolution to be pushed at a meeting specially to be called for that purjaose, but no appointment shall be eflectoal and valid unleas and until the person or persons appointed shall be approved by Us, such approval to be testified by a minute hi writing, to be fiigned by one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, and published in the ** London Gazette." And We order and direct that Our Commissioners shall meet when and at such place or places m, from time to time, they shall dimct or determine, and tlmt all and every the powers hereby given to Our Com- lili»ioners may be exercised at any meeting of any two or more of ttie Cod:- nilmfiners, and tlint the decision of the mtijority attending at any meeting lahall be binding, and determine any question proposed ; and that when the rotita riiall be equal the Chairman of the Corporation for the time leingp if present, shnllj in addition to his vote m a menibei\ have the casting vote ; and that Our Commissioners shall and may, from time to time, make and i-epeal or ati^r such ruk*9, orders, regulations, and byelaws for the management of the hmaes^ of the undertaking as they may think fit, so as the same be not con- trary to the laws of this Our realm, and such rules, or ders^ regulations, and byelaws akall* when made, and till the same shall be repealed or altered, be as effectual as if they were conbiined in tliis Our royal Charter : Provided always, and We will and ordain that in case it shall appear to Our Commissionei-s, from any cause not now foreseen, expedient to postpone the holding of such Exhibition ttoiil some time in the year 1 S(3j it shall be lawful for them, with the consent in writing of any one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, to do so, by inserting in the ** London Gazette," on or before the 1st day of March 1802, notice that tbi said Exhibition is to be ^ postponed, and in that case they shall and may hold such Exhibition accordingly in the year 18G3, and in case after making any oonbucts or etigagements for the holding of such Exhibition, they shall from like cause see fit to abandon it altogether, they may, with the like consent so do, giving like notice thereof, upon and subject to theli* making compensation to persons with whoin they may have entered into any contracts in relation to the holding thereof, or incident thereto, which in such case We require and authorise them to make. Photographic Apparatus and Photography, XV, Horological Instruments. XVI L Surgical Instruments and Appliaiioei Section III. Feathers, and Manufactures from Hair, XXVI, Leather, including Saddlery and Harness, Bub-class a. It is impossible that sodi a display of what the Colonial portions of the British Empire can produce should be without a very material influence upon the future prospects and prosperitj of each of them. In France the limitation was still narrower ; in regard to living artists, to executed since 1850, and in regard to dead masters, to artists born since 1/90, and pictimi painted since 1840, REPORT OF COMMISSIONI SXJUll These Class Committees held iiumerotis meetings during the summer and auttjmn of ISGl , and it would be ijn possible for us to gpeiik too warmly of the c^re and attention which they devoted, in the midst of other duties, to the representation of their respective branches of Art* The course adopted in each of the classes having been as nearly as possible the sarae, it would seem unnecessary to do more than briefly record what was done in one of them^ viz., Class XXXVIIL (Paintings and Dmwings.) The general scheme ib pointed out in decisions Nos. Every work exhibited was numbered to correspond with the catalogue^ and on the British side the name of the painter, the dates of his birth and death, and the subject of his work, were printed on labels attached to the pictures. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. XXXVIII.) For the sake of uniformity, and to avoid confusion in the tnu Lsaction of buaiuess, we were obliged to decline to enter into eorrespondence with indi- vidual Exhibitors in any Foreign Country. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. All communications passed directly between our^^eivcs and the various Foreign Commissions, many of whom established their offices in this country early in ISGi From the date at which our own offices were removed to the building, we had the benefit of the assistance of Mr. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. Similar Return of Foreioit Packages .•.-.- 147 XXXI. The arrangement and general duties of supervision and official representa- tion were assigned by the different Colonial Governments to gentlemen of ability and high position, most of whom came to this country for the pur po a e ; and their long and arduous duties were discharged in a manner which calk for our warmest thanks. Holmes, Esq., Ratho, near Edinburgh, for Otago only.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Return showing the Numbsr of Ezhibitobs, and the Amount of Space oocupied by the sereral Countries, in -each of the Thirty-six Classes in the Industrial Department ---..----136 XXVX Return showing the Number of Works exhibited, the Artists represented, and the Space occupied by each Country in the Tarious Classes of the Fuoc Art Depabtmsnt - - - - - - - -144 XXVIL Return showing the Amount of Space dbkakded by British Exhibitors, the Space originally allotted, and the Space actually occupied, in the Thirty- six Industrial Classes ------.. Xa Viu L Return showing the Amount of Space originally allotted to each Couhtbt, and the Space which each Country actually occupied - - - - 145 RECEPTION OF GOODS. Return showing the Number of Packages bdonging to the Forty Classes of the United Kingdom admitted during each Week fhm February to October 1862 146 XXX. Tlie horizontal space occupied scarcely fiimishes a true criterion of the extent of the contributions, because the vertical space was greatly extended by means of screens and galleries available for display.

And wherea* the said Society, in ordi^r to promote the lebjeota for which it was incorporated, is desirous that facilities should be afforded for holding from time to time International Exhibitions of the pro- ducts of industry and art, and it hath been represented to Us by the said Society that many of its members and othei-a of Our loving subjects are desirous that such an Internationa] Exhibition should he holden in the Me- tropolia in the year 1862, or so soon after as conveniently may be, and the said Society is desirous that the entire control and management of such Exhibition ^tha U be confided to the Right Honourable Granville George Earl Granville, Lord President of Our Council, and Kuight of our most noble Order of the Garter, the Right Honoumblc Richard Plantagenet Campbell Temple Nugent Brydges Chandoa Grenville, commonly called Marquis of Chandos, Thomas Baring, Esq., M. Forbes Watson, Reporter on the products of that country. "The space at the disposal of Her Majesty's Commissioners for the display of British Art being limited, and it being at the same time desirable to bring together as careful and perfect an illustration as possible, a selection of the works to be exhibited will be indispensable. "The selection of Exhibitors^ the space and number of works to be allbwci to each and the arrangement of them will be intrusted to Committees to be nominated by Her Majesty's Commissioners. The selection of works so made by the artists will not necessarily be binding upon Her Majesty's Commissioners, but in no case will any work by a living artist be czbibited against his wish, if expressed in writing, and delivered to the Commissioners on or before the 3l8t of March, 1862." We next proceeded to nominate the Committees referred to in decision 119, and the names of the gentlemen who were good enough to assist us in this responsible and delicate part of our duties, will be found in the Appendix, (No.

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