Consolidating email accounts outlook

31-Jul-2016 08:56

Don’t worry about where it lives, we will create a shortcut for easy access when we are all done.

Just right-click on the account you will use and select New Folder. For mine, I chose “Unified Inbox.” After the folder is created move on to setting up the rules.

They’ll be preinstalled on Win10 phones and tablets but won’t, however, have the capabilities of Office 2016.

We should soon see exactly what those limitations include.

Outlook 2013 is great at managing multiple email accounts, and adding them is a breeze as well, but once you add a few inboxes, seeing what is in all of them at once is basically impossible.

You must click on each individual inbox to see what is going on in each.

This can be a real pain and limit the productivity of someone like me that gets daily email in all of my inboxes. With the robust Rules feature in Outlook 2013, you can create a unified inbox that not only shows all of your messages in one clean and tidy place, but also organizes them so you know what email came from where just by glancing at it.

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Unfortunately, the way Outlook currently manages multiple accounts is cumbersome and clunky. By default, Outlook displays only the primary inbox in the left panel’s Favorites section.

Is there some reason you’d prefer to manage them separately? Tony Bradley is Editor-in-Chief of Tech Spective and Community Manager for Tenable.