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Similar to a mouth guard, a mandibular repositioning device opens the airway by pushing the lower jaw forward.

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As for the cardiovascular-disease link, "we don't totally understand how it happens," said Richard J.Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is caused when the throat repeatedly collapses on itself.The blockages starve the body of oxygen, rousing the sleeper who gasps for air.Though few have taken him up on it, Doghramji has suggested patients learn to play the didgeridoo.

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It's inexpensive, starting at , and practicing the instrument has been shown to strengthen the throat muscles, leading to a decrease in apnea episodes, he said. "There's a couple of published papers that show if you have any level of apnea, there was an improvement with playing it," Schwab said.

"About 104 Americans die every day from a cardiovascular event associated with sleep apnea," said association director Tracy Nasca.

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PRESIDENT'S WELCOME After being a member, exhibitor, treasurer and Chief cattle steward of the Show Society since moving to the district in 1975, it is an honour to be elected as president of this historic Show Society and its dedicated band of committee members...… continue reading »

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