Dating a pisces aries cusp

31-Jul-2016 11:55

When presented with a new project or idea, their innate enthusiasm and need for challenge cause them to jump in immediately, leading the way.One of their great skills is reaching beyond normal limitations. They like to get things started and tend to display strong leadership.

When the planet Neptune was discovered, modern astrologers assigned it to be the ruler of Pisces.Pisces/Aries are unique in the sense that they are the chameleons of the Zodiac, receptive to the needs of others, but also tending to be about self and ego rather than the balance between people. Pisces is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune.In ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter (and his Greek equivalent, Zeus) was the king of the gods.Pisces is the sign of dreams and secrets, and it represents much that is hidden, both strengths and enemies. The astrological symbol of Pisces is the Pair of Fish.

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They reflect the dual nature of life; each Fish swims in different directions, representing reality and nonreality, consciousness and the unconscious. Like the popular conception of the Ram, Aries are able to accomplish a lot by sheer energy and force of will, 'ramming' their way to their goals.

They greatly enjoy athletics, as sports give them a positive and healthy outlet for some of their natural aggression and emotional stress.