Dating a triathlete

24-May-2016 15:55

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It’s a challenge nearly all of us face, but most people don’t want to admit or discuss it openly.It’s how hard training can be on your personal relationships.Triathletes smell like babies “It’s good to put on some lube under your wetsuit so I tend to use a lot of baby oil on my arms and legs,” confesses Ali.“It stops you chafing and helps you get your wetsuit off after the swim.” Jonny has another baby-based tip: “If you put talcum powder in your shoes it dries your feet out after the swim. I’m not even sure it actually works but I do it anyway.” 5.“With all the splash it can be quite hard to see the next buoy so I look behind it for something bigger, like a tree or a building, and aim for that instead."You can practise your navigation in training by trying to swim in a straight line with your eyes closed.

I realized how widespread this problem is and how deep it’s felt by so many athletes training for IRONMAN last fall.“The opening 200-300m to the first buoy is very quick and you can get hit by the person next to you or dragged back.