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08-Oct-2015 21:37

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So how do you have an interesting conversation then?

How do you have a conversation that will stick out in your partner’s mind so that they will remember you, and mostly you out of the dozen or so people they’ll meet on the night? Here are a few guidelines you should stick to if you want to have an interesting conversation. We know that seems extremely vague at first glance but let’s explore what we mean a little deeper.

One thing you should do is not spend your time talking about your work or asking your date questions about their work.

This is boring and it’s a topic we hear time and time again.

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However, you may lock eyes with a cute girl or guy but never know whether or not they are really open to anything further developing.If you can ask these kinds of interesting, different questions then it will stick out in your date’s mind much more than asking the same old, boring questions we hear all the time.