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I would prefer to be stimulated by lively discussion on a good first date. Right would pick out a thought provoking movie, like Shindler's List, or What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams (out a couple of months ago), something with a plot and a philosophical question.

Then we'd go out for coffee or a light dinner afterwards and enjoy a lengthy conversation, getting to know how one another thinks by discussing the movie and what we got from it.

She'll know you're interested, or you wouldn't be taking the time to offer - and if she takes you up on it, she's hoping she'll be interested too.

Maybe neither of you will want to take it further than that, and that's ok, too at that point.

And if a man understands that some women need time to dial in there feelings since we are more emotional creatures, and men usually are more on a visual and sexual innuendo levels, due to there natures....they can slow down and let nature take it course they will be overly delighted when it does finally happen....

I personally don't like to feel like a sexual object to men.

I picked him up at the airport, took him to his hotel, and we just sat in the lobby and talked for a while.

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How would you know if your co-worker ponders the meaning of life on her coffee break?I think that no first date will work in every instance, unless you go for the all too common dinner and a movie, and let her choose both.

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