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The 3 players in front start playing a scene based on their suggestion until host calls again. They can either plainly continue it, or continue at some time in the future (a day later, a year later, a century later).

The center piece needs to remember each character and where they were in each scene.

Two performers do a regular scene, but they can only move their eyes and mouths.

During the scene, two "Movers" (Audience Members) can move the performers or their appendages and the performers must go with it and justify it as they perform the scene.

The reply to that line must start with a `S`, and so on, until the whole alphabet has been covered. Players that hesitate, use the wrong letter, uses random words or does not move along the scene are replaced by another player. This goes back and forth until one of the two players cannot come up with a response and yells "Because I said so!

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Players play until the host yells "Rotate right or Left", at which time all players rotate in the desired direction.They only job of the person speaking is to keep talking without a break or pause in thought.