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19-Aug-2016 13:40

Just like most others, people from Ivory Coast like to talk about things that are familiar to them when they first meet someone; it makes you look good.

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You will undoubtedly be able to do so to your heart’s content later on.

Be sensitive to the exceptions that may apply when talking to people who are Muslim.

Although there are few offensive gestures, you should avoid belching in public, pointing at people you are talking about, or extending your middle finger out of anger.

They tend to get closer to each other when they are enthusiastic, angry, or if they are trying to convince you of something.

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Touching someone when speaking is acceptable, but usually only between people of the same gender.If you are speaking to a member of the local political class or to a manager, you should remain humble and put the emphasis on listening and asking questions about the country or certain aspects of your work rather than trying to show off your expertise or talking about yourself right away.

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