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Due to the increased demand for pottery after the Civil War, they opened up two new factories in Hanley close to their original factory.

By 1898, they had five different factories producing tableware.

Back around 2002, Wedgwood asked for a complete collection of everything! Many things had back, side and top views; this candlestick came with my removable crystal bird bobêche. ) I designed lots of glasses too, all kinds: etched, hand-painted with little flowers, cut and colored; and I named them; this champagne glass was “Sabrina.” Doesn’t she look like a Sabrina? I had a whole line of these jars in all sizes, for cookies and sugar — the tall one for pasta had a red-striped enamel lid. It was a very fun job, and now that I can finally show them to you, it was all worth it!

Sugars, creamers, cake plates, butter dishes, dinner plates, mugs, tea pots, vases, jars, dresser trays, ice cream bowls, baby dishes, hanging plaques, glasses and accessories too, and pitchers . I wanted everything to feel a little bit vintage and have wonderful details. You have to use your imagination to hear the clear ring she would make when toasting — to see the sparkle she would have made when held up to the light, how the cunning little champagne bubbles would have drifted to the top to tickle your nose! I used lots of words; for example, there was a set of eight cups, each one was a different shape and size, and each had different quote on them; I called them “conversation cups” because I thought they would get people talking around the table.

These are “Tuscan fine Bone China, Made in England.” Pretty dishes, so inspiring, you really must have tea! With colors and patterns like these, how can anyone not fall in love with dishes?

Some of you probably recognize this cup; it’s part of a tea set I designed for Lenox.

I had several requests, so I thought I’d show you my dishes today!

During the Thirties the Charles Street Works, the original factory was closed.A new mold-making department and making shops accompanied the construction of the electric kiln.The Second World War came and nearly halted production at Johnson Brothers factories.It was not until the mid-Thirties that the factories got under full production.

At the end of the Thirties, was seen the development of modern systems of firing using electricity as fuel rather than raw coal and new brick-built tunnels using an automatic ware-propelling system replaced the traditional "Bottle Ovens." The more accurately controlled firing system meant better quality and less loss and the conditions for the wokers was much more superior than before.

[Charles Street works, Imperial Works, Hanley Works & Trent Works in Hanley and the Scotia Road works in Tunstall).

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