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I just want to meet an optimistic, honest, reliable, respectful man with whom it's interesting to talk to and even to keep silent.I want us to have common interests, but most of all I want us to adore each other!However, the town of Limassol has been inhabited since very ancient times.Graves found there date back to 2000 BC and others date back to the 8th and 4th centuries BC.Cyprus was sold in 1489 to Venice by the Cypriot Queen Catherine Cornaro.The Venetians did not have Cyprus' best interest at heart, they were only interested in receiving the taxes and in exploiting the country’s resources. Limassol was conquered in July 1570 without any resistance.Greek intellectuals used to teach Greek history, Turkish and French.The following schools operated in the town of Limassol: He showed a particular interest in Limassol and even from the very first days the condition of the town showed an improvement.

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During those years new schools were set up in all the towns.The settlement of merchants in Cyprus and particularly in Limassol in the 13th century led to the financial welfare of its inhabitants.Its harbour as a centre of transportation and commerce, contributed greatly to the financial and cultural development.The roads were cleaned, the animals were removed from the centre, roads were fixed, trees were planted and docks were constructed for the loading and unloading of those ships that were anchored off-shore. It was in this printing press that the newspapers Alithia and Anagennisis were published in 1897.

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Lanterns for the lighting of the central areas were also installed in the 1880. The newspaper Salpinx was published at the same time.

Descriptions from various visitors describe the town of Limassol like a village with a significant population. ] The Christians used to live in small houses with such low doorways, that one had to bend in order to enter.

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