Dating men on oil rigs

19-Jul-2014 21:17

Murphy Jones will give you about 2 to 3 hours on instant message but has to depart around pm UAE time. If this guy is a millionaire why would he be working.Keep you emails in archives you will be able to research the contents for discrepancies and inconsistencies. They will go offline or they will say the computer shut off because they are on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean in order to research your question. They post a picture of an attractive middle age white male on their profile.-If NASA asked you to drill a hole in an asteroid to save the planet, do you think you could do it?Originally posted by Spectre of Pithecanthropus Now that you've brought it up, does the rig just float like a boat? I share a 4 man room, and that room shares a bathrrom with another room. We don't throw anything over the side that isn't supposed to go that way. Oil companies take this kind of thing very seriously these days. As long as a rig can stil operate modern machinery and can work safely, cleanly and efficiently, then 25 years might be a good guess. I once heard an incredibly outlandish story about prostitutes being smuggled onto an oil rig. Originally posted by Cranky As An Old Man I once heard an incredibly outlandish story about prostitutes being smuggled onto an oil rig. So these young ladies hired a boat, sailed out into the sea and found an oil rig. Normally I work for 14 days than I'm on leave for 14 days. I like reading, but there's normally TV, movies and working out in the gym for those that want to. I'm always dealing with depth figures, but I never really get to see the machinery. We're pretty cramped here, but nowhere as bad as some places. Boats are not supposed to come with around 500 ft of the rig. Right now we are 150 miles from the coast, so there aren't many weekend fishermen around. All other waste is taken back to land to be dispoased of there. Oh yeah - here's another - are your buddies out on the rig getting a good laugh out of the stupid questions these "civilians" are asking?I always thought they sat on firm piers that were driven deep into the ocean bed. Some are on legs, some are moored to the sea bed, and some (like the one I am on) is dynamically postioned.

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Challenge them to send you a postcard or something with Chevron's letterhead on it to a business address or P. I know there is more than one that pretend to be Murpphy Jones.Originally posted by msmith537 -Has the rig owner ever chased anyone around with a shotgun for sleeping with his daughter?-Has anyone ever quit and then started their own oil rig company in less than a day? We work 12 hours a day (normally works out around 14 in reality), 7 days a week. Of the 10 hours a day left, after eating, sleeping and showering, there isn't that much time. When I think about what he does I usually freak out. Seriously, though, my Geology students frequently ask about the job market, but how the hell would I know? New Orleans is the last place I'd want to be in a storm, but it seems like the best place for a hurricane party... Originally posted by radar ralf Aha, in the gulf, eh? Originally posted by peepthis How big is the rig, and how much personal space do you get? What's the male/female ratio, and how common are flings between people working together for such long shifts? In other places I've seen: packs of killer whales, sun fish, turtles, tuna, snakes, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, flying fish, mahi-mahi.

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I'm the in charge of the rocks that we drill through and all the surface instumentation that we use to measure them. I have a cousin who is a welder for the rigs off the coast in Texas. S., you could always mud log--except that you probably don't want to." So's that I could share a little more with These Fine Students, how much does a mud logger get paid on a rig? I work on the consulting side of the industry, making maps. I have worked on rigs all over Alaska and in the Cook Inlet. About the only thing we have right now are barracuda.But, there again, the only thing I drive is a bicycle, so that makes me non-evil. This great for post padding Holy crap, turns out there's a bunch of mud loggers on the SDMB, like me f'rinstance (well former, really; now I train mud loggers to be, er mud loggers). And to think that hardly anyone in the real world ever even heard of this job. I always thought they sat on firm piers that were driven deep into the ocean bed.

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