Dating non catholic how to write an introductory email online dating

11-Nov-2016 11:14

She would ask herself if she felt confident, in the unfortunate case of her early death, whether her husband would raise her children as she would desire.Obviously, there are other areas of potential conflict between a Catholic and Protestant couple, but these are probably the most important.However, I have also known couples where the conflict between their respective faiths has been a source of constant friction and much heartache.I was recently driving back from an event and the conversation in the car turned to this very topic.When seeking permission to marry a non-Catholic, you and your fiancé will be told that you are required by the Church to make sure that any offspring from the marriage are to be baptized and brought up in the Catholic Church. Or will your children be dedicated, rather than baptized?Will you teach them the Catholic Faith in its fullness, or will they be taught the lowest common denominator between your respective faiths?Conversion is obviously a wonderful thing and I’m sure many Catholics who are romantically involved with a non-Catholic carry this kind of aspiration.But while it’s understable and laudable to hope for a person’s conversion, I have to imagine that it’s dangerous going into a marriage with such an expectation.

All the questions listed above should be prayerfully considered and discussed together as a couple.I have heard of marriages where the non-Catholic spouse converts to Catholicism.Sometimes this happens after a few years, other times it takes decades and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.In fact, it’s probably a very bad idea to go into a marriage with any kind of expectation of a spouse changing.

A relationship or marriage between two Catholics is not guaranteed to be blissful or, in some cases, even a good idea!

It is also advisable to speak to your spiritual director, as well as with good friends who know you both well.