Dating powder horns

03-Oct-2014 07:48

This is the first of the external screw-tip styles.

Many Lancaster horns have the low dome, flat base plug with impressed “rope” on the top of the plug.

Like most other screw-tip varieties, the base plug is hollowed out on the lathe to help prevent checking.

Frequently, there is a turned horn, or metal band at the base end of the horn.

The following is an article from the February 2007 edition The American screw-tip powder horn was an innovation by professional horners, turners, and a few rifle makers.

With production centered in Eastern Pennsylvania in its earliest years, the screw tip horn thread its way South on the great wagon road, west through the Cumberland Gap and across Forbes Road and down the Ohio River, thus paralleling both the production and migration of the rifle it served.

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The screw-tip is of the internal variety, with an applied collar at the spout to reinforce the internal threads.

The Horn Book is the official publication of the HCH; it is published three times per year.

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