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The bill hits the table, and you both know she makes double your salary. It'll show her that you didn't brush her off and you want to go out with her again.5. Wait till tomorrow Answer: TEXT HER RIGHT AWAYMost guys wait a while to follow up, which women don't dig (68 percent want to hear from you within the hour). Of course, you don't want to come on too strong, so keep it short.

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The way a person argues shows if he or she is a listener, is willing to come to a compromise or just bulldozes over as a means to an end.

We put a little extra thought into our appearance, and let’s admit it: we also do our best to curb bad behavior. It’s what eventually happens in all healthy relationships, and it’s an opportunity.

Suppressing the less attractive side of your personality only works for so long. We get angry, irritated, hungry and tired; and when that happens, a different side of us emerges. An opportunity to observe what happens when life throws your partner a curveball.

" Most people know not to yammer about exes on dates, so she'll likely change the subject. Say "Hey, you have a -little something," and gesture at your teeth.

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Ignore it Answer: GENTLY POINT IT OUTThis can be awkward, but 90 percent of women say they would be horrified if they hit the bathroom and saw a gob of spinach clinging to their incisors.Does your boyfriend throw a fit when he loses a game of Scrabble?

First it was Nick Cannon oversharing about sex with Mariah and the women from his bachelor days, and now, 50 Cent has decided to share his feelings about the women in his past while speaking to the folks at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. No one has been able to do the maintenance required for her to not think about me. But what do you think about what he had to say about his relationships with these women? Listen to the radio interview for yourself below and let us know what you think.… continue reading »

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