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While lying in wait, they managed to capture two German dispatch riders.

Learning from them that Bredevad had been taken, the platoon retreated to the north-east via secondary roads.

Hartz, which defended both the barracks in the town and the road leading into it.

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Fire from the armoured cars and strafing fighter aircraft forced the Danes to retreat, and a third of the men were captured.The attack on Denmark was planned as a part of the German Operation Weserübung Süd – the German plan for an invasion of Norway.The purpose was mainly to secure the iron ore shipping from Narvik.The first clash between the Danish Army and the invading forces occurred at Lundtoftbjerg, where a Danish anti-tank platoon armed with two 20 mm guns and a light machine gun had taken up positions covering the road.

A German column appeared at , and the 20mm cannons opened fire on the armoured cars while the machine gun took aim at the motorcyclists.

A fire started in a nearby barn, filling the air with smoke and hindering the German's advance.

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