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21-Mar-2014 02:22

We have been very specific to say that clearly we are concerned with President elect Trump’s policies, appointments and his rhetoric in general and how it marginalizes and disenfranchises various communities. So, why is it so important for women to come together now? We are going for the entire family and the entire community.However, at the end of the day, as an electorate and as advocates, we have to be more sophisticated in our understanding to know that we can not go to Washington, D. and expect one man to fix the problems that plague our communities. MALLORY: Women are truly the heart of the world because we carry the entire community on our backs. This march is not excluding anyone and we are asking people of all walks of life to join us because when women are uncomfortable the entire nation will pay attention.On Saturday, crowds of women, their friends and families, will come to the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington, which intends to address issues of justice, health, economics and social concerns women and other marginalized communities continue to face.

It’s because I wanted to ensure that Black women’s voices are upheld, uplifted and that our issues are addressed, but this cannot happen unless we take a seat at the table.We have to push our agenda to execution and then make sure that energy is going to translate into statewide efforts. EBONY.com: Many African Americans feel helpless with the start of this new administration.EBONY.com: Has anyone from the Trump administration reached out to you or the other organizers of the event? What message do you want to leave with Black women specifically?I wasn’t willing to see something of this magnitude happen where White women would have been setting the tone for all us.

I wanted to be involved to ensure that Black women’s issues are properly articulated and represented.

But the day after that promises to be equally as memorable and historic.