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Chatting with cam girls within a game...where do I even begin? If you aren't familiar, Hostess Clubs (otherwise known as Cabaret Clubs) are places where men go to be served by a beautiful "hostess" who serves food, drinks, lights cigarettes, and in general pampers the man in every way sexual favors.… continue reading »

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Also various other activities might constitute lewd and lascivious acts with a minor.… continue reading »

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De woorden tellen niet hetzelfde aantal tekens maar hebben toch een groot aantal letters gemeen. Met i Message komt het niet goed, zoals het met i Chat niet goed kwam.… continue reading »

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Men, women, and children were willing to live for years in houses they dug underground.… continue reading »

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Boelter explains that all the government has to do to spy on a specific friend of Jay’s — let’s call him Silent Bob — is to impersonate Jay’s phone using sophisticated equipment or by accessing Whats App’s servers.… continue reading »

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