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07-Jun-2016 02:46

Marriages can be seriously affected by a person’s alcohol addiction.The addicted person’s focus on his or her addiction makes it difficult to concentrate on a relationship with another person; many spouses try to handle their partner’s addiction to alcohol by attempting to control it in various ways.All we ask of you is that you tell your friends to call our chat lines so that there are enough new people calling in to keep the phone lines fun and exciting. Join our chat rooms now to see if there are other chatters from North Carolina currently online.Support groups can help family members to learn what they can and cannot do about a loved one’s addiction.Some of the best-known groups are Al-Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACo A).

Many partners of an alcoholic feel shame, anxiety, anger, and isolation.Codependents Anonymous is one such support group that can enable spouses to learn how to work on themselves and their coping skills, regardless of whether the addicted person seeks treatment.