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He's just putting it into the dented area where the battery release clip is.See more » Mind-numbingly boring film,the 'name actors' must have been paid a shed full of money to appear in this tedious drivel, there can be no other reason to perform in this 1/10 nonsense.For a great way to make sure that you are using the best possible optics, choose the ATN 3-12x X-Sight NV Scope. The one shot scope zeroing will definitely cut back on your range time and $.

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Matt Thompson, the young writer/director's attention to detail and depth-of-field storyline makes the Night Sight movie a must see.

You are quickly immersed in the emotional despair of what might have been, that can easily knock down any person.

There is not one redeeming feature, the plot is overused and has large gaps in continuity, camera-work is amateur and at best bland, everyone looks and acts bored.

Script is beyond a joke - what a waste of so much talent on a vehicle that is this boring.

But the film's main character, Rich Hadley, accidentally learns leading edge technology coupled with traditional human beliefs may yield devastating consequences.