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Judy Moody is not pleased when a stranger named Amy Namey sits down with Judy's group of friends at lunchtime.Judy is even less pleased when Amy turns out to be (at least as far as Judy can tell, in Amy's own eyes) a Super-Important Girl Reporter with her own newspaper.It is the goal of the Laurel Senior Friendship Club to make the remaining years in the lives of our senior citizens as rewarding, active, interesting and independent as possible.It is the Mission of the Laurel Senior Friendship Club to help seniors feel that they are still important, appreciated and respected.The Laurel Senior Friendship Club maintains an office in the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center where seniors sign up for trips, classes and special activities.The Club office is open 5 days a week from AM to PM.It couldn’t be done by the one full time and one half time staff without the support of over 40 volunteers who donate over 100 hours a week.These doors couldn’t remain open without the support of the Board of Directors, donors and beneficiaries who believe in the Club and it’s mission. Please participate and join us in supporting the important place that the Club has become for so many.

People from all over the world who have rhyming names belong.The Friendship Club was founded in 1970 to promote friendship and to provide social, educational, recreational, religious, and community service for its members. Anyone aged 55 or older (non-denominational) is encouraged to join.Membership is open to all members of Good Shepherd Parish who are at least 55 years of age, and has recently been extended to some members of neighboring parishes. The gum-making gets a little out of control, however, with gum (including pickle flavor) all over the place. As always in this series, Judy (and the reader) acquires knowledge about different topics.

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In AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 ½ DAYS, Judy learns about Nellie Bly, Italy and spiders.Rocky and Frank tell Judy later that Amy is just like Judy. Judy dresses like Elizabeth Blackwell, the First Woman Doctor, while Amy dresses like Nellie Bly, Daredevil Reporter.