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(But she) was a really good friend to people who needed her. 14, 2001, to a poor, low-functioning couple living with family in a crowded house in Norristown.

MORE: Miley Cyrus Enjoys a Family Weekend on the Farm The Cyrus family recently reunited for a fun gathering on the farm.

But the 14-year-old posted a more haunting picture, a forlorn selfie taken in a dimly lit room, when she opened a Facebook account last year and invited people to comment on it. At the time, police believe, Graces adoptive mother and the mothers boyfriend were plotting to kill her.

Grace, who moved a lot and had a learning disability, looked out for the lonely kids at school.

Miley also has an older half brother named Christopher from her father Billy Ray's previous relationship.

Miley Cyrus’ throwback game has been strong lately!The 24-year-old singer’s most recent throwback photo was with her little brother, Braison.

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