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Douillard said that there is a history of complicity in prostitution and sex-trafficking at the highest levels everywhere which makes it difficult for the police to enforce the laws, noting that when soldiers were monitoring the situation in Kosovo at the time of the UN mission prostitutes were provided for them.

She also said a study conducted in England showed that most brothels were located in close proximity to the British Parliament: hence the difficulties in getting anti-prostitution legislation passed there.

Lina Tony was arrested in December 1941 for owning two brothels on the same road.Prostitution and sex-trafficking are flourishing in Montreal despite recent laws banning the purchase of sex and sex-trafficking, according to advocacy groups opposing the exploitation of women and girls through the sex trade.Éliane Legault-Roy, a spokesperson for CLÉS (la concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle), a Quebec-based anti-prostitution group said that events like the F1 incite prostitution, charging that women were trafficked into Montreal from other parts of Canada for the Grand Prix last June with young girls being recruited from youth centres for prostitution.Prostitution's legality in Montreal has always been a point of contention, but during World War II, it was at its most prevalent Tough times: Lina Tony was arrested in December 1941 for owning two brothels on the same road.

In her mug shot, dark bags under her eyes and a masculine, disheveled haircut reveal the toll her profession has had on her appearance Nonchalant: Delicato Bizante Lucie, one of three main madams in Montreal.

One such location was 1225 Bullion, a brothel kept by Fleurette Dubois.