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24-Oct-2014 16:27

I soaped up and enjoyed the slick smoothness of my skin. Of course I like to show them off in low cut tops and dresses and I even went braless sometimes. I thought about what date it was and I knew then what was going on. I guess it was lubricating itself in anticipation of getting fucked. Playing with that and pulling on a nipple was going to get me off quickly. After I dried off I decided to be lazy today and I put one of my son's big t-shirts on and nothing else. I got something to eat and drink and then decided to get on the computer in my home office.

I went to a photo sharing site where I had posted some pics of myself, some clothed and some naked.

Of couse my girl, but at begin make blow job to me.

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I knew that was unlikely but I got up and check all the doors to make sure they were locked.

My finger was gone but the smell he liked wasn't. That produced more fluid which he continued to lap up. I needed a little break but I didn't want him to lose interest. The way I was leaning back in my chair his face was visible between my two large breasts.