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Starting with Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, this horror suspense not only sent chills down the viewers' spine, but also created a whole new niche of psychological thrillers.

The plot is set in a derelict motel where a girl takes refuge after stealing money from her company, only to find a Oedipal psychopathic killer lurking there.

Some suspense movies can make you hold your breath till you see the damsel in distress or fearless hero out of the clutches of danger, while some create spellbinding twists that prompt you to ask, "what will happen next?

" A few of such thriller movies are listed down in this article.


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Everyone has somebody that they want to put out of the way.Hollywood's obsession with serial killers is not surprising.Movies that feature serial killers blend thrill with macabre.As a thriller, this movie does not fail to deliver last-minute revelations, a perfect murder with a perfect flaw along with morbid confrontations.


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Another gem from Hitchcock, it actually starred Hitchcock in a cameo and became a huge blockbuster hit.They acquaint the viewers with the darkest corners of deranged criminal minds.

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