International match dating

12-Jan-2015 15:17

(The first email was the "Why is my account locked??? I cannot find a way to get to something with a pulse.

My subscription runs out in 12 days, and I had it set to NOT automatically renew.

has been the worst nightmare in my life since my husband passed.

They have more phony profiles than you might imagine, and to put the icing on the cake, some woman hacked my account and took it over.

I joined a few days ago and got sucked into 6 months 60$.

The first few days a lot of interests coming and got a few messages.

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We believe this action to be best for our member community." LOL, OMG, and every other acronym. If you see me you would be ROTF, as I always get great compliments on looks and personality.The emails came to me, so I called him to let him know what was going on.