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They are surrounded by improvised explosives and other obstacles, as well as ditches filled with oil that could be set on fire.

Iraq's state television showed a brief written statement announcing the start of the operation and showed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi dressed in a military uniform and speaking to senior officers, the Associated Press reported.

I drove my car to the other side of the bridge and saw also Daesh vehicles crossing,” a taxi driver told Reuters.

The army says it is facing the toughest urban warfare imaginable – hundreds of suicide car bomb attacks, mortar barrages, sniper fire and ambushes launched from a network of tunnels.

If confirmed, it would mark a significant advance by the Ninth Armoured Division, which had been tied up for more than a month in close-quarters combat with Isis on the south-eastern fringes of the city.

Residents of Isis-controlled districts of east Mosul said by telephone that the army had punched deep into the east bank of the city, getting close to the Tigris.

“We are using a new tactic – increasing the numbers of advancing forces and also attacking from multiple fronts to take the initiative and prevent Daesh fighters from organising any counter-attacks,” the colonel said by telephone.

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"We are confident our Iraqi partners will prevail against our common enemy and free Mosul and the rest of Iraq from ISIL's hatred and brutality." Carter said the U.They were aiming for the Wahda neighbourhood, a sprawling south-eastern district.