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31-Dec-2016 20:22

The napkin technique Group of two or more guys stroll around the mall searching for girls they like (all of them).

They make sure to have their expensive watches and phones on display.

Nevertheless young Saudis find ways to go around the rules.

Where there is a will there is a way as the saying goes.

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She will be donning her flashy abaya and most likely have very strong make-up on.

A couple that takes interest in each other must seem like they are casually picking up groceries while doing this to avoid getting thrown out by the security.

It’s sometimes hilarious watching these things going on in a grocery store!

Bluetooth and Blackberry Street Tahlia street is a popular place for men to sit outside at its numerous cafe’s and restaurants.

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Women or families are not allowed to sit outside, they are all male-only singles sections.

The boys will have their toys parked on the street waiting to attract the girls attention.