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13-Sep-2015 12:55

A 16 years old high school student Sabrina Spellman finds out she's a witch.

Her two witchy aunts Zelda and Hilda offered her guidance how to control her new-discovered magical powers along with Salem, a talking black cat who used to be a warlock once.

A neighbor spotted an ambulance at the house a year ago and assumed they had fallen ill. The next day, police forced their way in and found the bodies. Nothing indicated that the women had persistent health troubles.

Someone asked police to check regularly on the house. Their longtime home was not disheveled or unkempt, potential signs of mental or physical illness. Harwood said he called a nearby senior center to see if the sisters were visitors, but no one there had heard of them.

"The circumstance surrounding their death is somewhat of an enigma," he said.

We chatted on Oasis for a couple of days then proceeded to exchanging numbers and communicating by text and calls.El Dorado County Sheriff's officials say they've ruled out foul play in the deaths the women, who appear to have died within a short time frame and were found Feb. (AP) When they were young, Patricia and Joan Miller sang and danced for Bing Crosby, troops and their friends.