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28-Mar-2015 15:20

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Sasa hapa ndio uhuru ataambiwa asaidie.” Onyambu Vincent commented, “Shame mkiuliwa watu wanalaumu waarabu ,utasikia wengine hapa eti waombee .

Tukiongea wanasema Lila MTU na maisha take upuuzi mtupu Fanya kilicho kuleta gulf mengi email ends kwenu ukafanyie huko.” Muthoni Mwangi questioned, “3 Pakistan owns the place 29 Kenyan women prostituting wapi wanunuzi or who were they prostituting with?

Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested 29 Kenyan women for engaging in prostitution in a brothel owned by Pakistani nationals, local media reports.

The Kenyan women were arrested alongside three Pakistani nationals who were running the illegal business in Saudi’s Riyadh city.

Gor Mahia fans are once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After Crazy Monday ran the story of a Gor Mahia fan being beaten senseless by prostitutes in Kisumu, commercial sex workers in the lakeside city now want Gor fans to be paying up-front.

More than 6,000 people receive antiretroviral drugs from here.

Chulaimbo also runs an awareness program directed at providing access to clean water in order to reduce the threat posed by secondary illnesses to patients.

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In the video, the dancers are seen enjoying the moment and are not even be moved by the crowd staring at them.The government of Kenya established it as Chulaimbo Rural Health Center in 1976 to provide basic health services to people of the immediate area.

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