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17-Sep-2016 13:00

If I’m a woman, it’s not my fault that your wife sucked you dry, and I shouldn’t have to pay the emotional price for it. I shouldn’t spend a second thinking about what she did to you.

All I can do is show you, in word, and in deed, that my heart is in the right place. I think your story is very relevant to this blog, my friend, for two reasons: 1) To show the man’s side of the story.

We are hear to cast an eye on that rare breed of woman who binds her meal ticket in hold matrimony, then bleeds him dry in order to create her own empire.

This rare species — the Industrious Gold Digger — does not sit idly by and get manicures once she has secured the ring.

Even as an advocate for women, I am VERY sympathetic to you and don’t think that divorce is fair to men.

If my wife takes off one day because she falls in love with another man, demands half of my money and custody of our daughter, I’d be shocked and devastated – but there would have been nothing I could have done to prevent it.

All I can do is stress that you should choose a partner based on character over intense physical chemistry.

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2) To show women readers who reflexively think that you should give women a break that they’re being hypocritical.… continue reading »

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