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05-Aug-2014 11:28

From my experience, no, especially with social media having a hand in how we communicate with one another.Dating in today’s world is comparable to an extreme sport.And while I can’t speak for previous generations of daters, seems modern dating has become a meandering processes of head games, dejection and waiting around for the next best thing.Is it possible to create a meaningful connection without feeling completely worthless and insane?So many people are scared of commitment and being official that they remain in label-free relationships with multiple people, continuing to flirt and keeping multiple romantic interests or exes on the side.There are also plenty of people, predatory in nature, who’ll have no qualms overstepping boundaries to pursue your potential love interest.In actuality, the first rule in Polyamory Club is open-communication.Appropriating the term when actually just “playing the field” is uncouth, and leads to used people and hurt feelings.

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So, I filled out my profile, writing about my passions, my activism, my writing. I put together a really great profile, if I do say so myself. Why is it that with everything I have to offer, my looks are what drive men to contact me?

From that diary to a 30-something-year-old reality, I now face the fact that this shit is exhausting and that I spend an obscene amount of time dating and subsequently obsessing over what is wrong with me.

I recently vowed to give up on dating for a year to concentrate on reclaiming my self-esteem, which was at an all-time low, but as a hopeless romantic, an idiot, or just someone who’s addicted to the idea of love, I gave it another shot.

Are we really that regressive that we still judge women by their sexuality? When I bring these points up after being asked, I am told to “calm down” and that I am “overreacting.” Overreacting? Did I try and judge you solely by something that neither is your business nor your right to know? Bottom line: using any online dating site leaves you to be disappointed.

So here I thought this dating site would be different. For example: He continues to message me, until I finally block and report him. People are rarely who they say they are, their pictures are usually not current (or even of them), and every guy feels like a big man behind the screen- meaning he will harass, berate, or judge you if you reject his lame advances.

Social media has also created the illusion of having endless options, which perpetuates our waiting around for the next best thing.