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Canal, a young man in his early twenties, is doing something that looks almost like magic -- he's talking on the phone without even opening his mouth.

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Canal, a shipbuilding student from Hamburg, is deaf and he's currently experiencing a revelation.I discovered that he's been surfing porn sites and going to chat rooms to have sex with other women online.When I confronted him, he didn't understand why I was upset.If he has sexual desires that he talks about with women online, then ask him to tell you what those are. Are there risks that you might be willing to take in terms of new behavior?

That way you have the opportunity to say, "Yes, I'll do that," or, "No, I won't." You can also ask what prompted him to think that he was doing right by you in this marriage by finding sexual satisfaction online. Your husband may have sincerely thought that he was not straying from your marital vows, or he may be using the technicality that there was no physical contact to dodge the issue that he feels sexually dissatisfied in the marriage.

He said that having sex online was harmless and a way to "get off" without breaking his marriage vows (we've been married 10 years). A: This is a situation I see more and more often as the Internet becomes a staple in homes.