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^ its just something about the material that attracts me to it, i wear them practicly all the time, sheer pantyhose are alot cooler the opaque ones, when i sleep in sheers i could use a blanket but with opaques i have to keep removing the blanket during the night which is... All of my escapades are usually early in the morning or late at night I haven't had very many negative insults or snide looks. I went to a movie with a close friend wearing and she was nervous she kept asking... Yes they had stuffed tops but they were also wearing orange shorts pantyhose scrunchie socks and white tennis shoes.

and completely honest here and tell everyone that I love to wear pantyhose and I'm proud to come out and say that and I'm as straight as an arrow too. I would see girls, teachers, and some moms wearing pantyhose at school. These two guys had better looking legs than a lot of woman that I know.

Being messy young girls, the bathroom was often strewn with discarded clothes all over the place.

I was visiting one afternoon and had to go to the bathroom. As a guy who has been out in public with shorts and skin tone-matching pantyhose just a couple of times, I recently found myself with an opportunity to go out in public for most of the day and I decided to kick things up a notch. I have not written in so long, but please see my earlier experiences, especially my first bra, because it relates to this one.

A quick skim of the postings for this group and I seem to see a trend towards more men than women adding their two cents. I like the way my legs and feet feel after a long day at work. Yes, I do wear undies beneath men's support pantyhose for hygiene purposes.

In a way it's good that men are wearing pantyhose because it appears many women have stopped which has to affect the manufacturers' bottom lines. Support with a pair of 6" inseam mens shorts(Olive colored). This was the 7th time I have done this and I got my first comment today. I like the felling of energy and vitality is get when wearing support pantyhose. I wear pantyhose because I am on my feet 8 hours a day.


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Free Cam Chat with hundreds of members online everyday. I have struggled all my life with my love of pantyhose as well as skirts and some lingerie. Then, i acquired a pair that a girlfriend had left at my moms house. I came in them that minute and have been hooked ever since. Tonight I wore pantyhose with grey legwarmers and a black mini skirt in public, at night.

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